Friday, May 31, 2013

Anonymous Operation #OpTurkey

Hello Turkey,

We are anonymous

After longtime, we respected you for your democracy but you has been block internet access and freedom for your resident. We not allow you to do this action in future. We have give access, internet access for Turkey resident.

We are still fighting with Turkey government

For Turkey residents, here is more information you need to get internet access:

+46850009990 or +492317299993 or +4953160941030
User:telecomix Password:telecomix

User:toto Password:toto

#OpRedemption - The Failure of the American Prison System is a Failure of Justice


United States of America, we are Anonymous
We are warning you for some for violence, poor and failure of justice in you American Prison System
We are looking for justice
We are coming in peace but we will attack you if do not have revolution of your prison system

American Prison System have leak, poor, and lot's of failure. We was call to mind and do some activity to make this system have good word in one sentence, but you all see know it a failure of American Prison System.

We launched #OpRedemption
To better of American Prison System

Anonymous - #OpGTMO [Guantanamo Bay]

Obama has lie to us
United States did not have any reason to keep Guantanamo Bay still in operation
Obama was says he well close Guantanamo Bay, but why he lies to us?

We, Anonymous launch #OpGTMO [Guantanamo Bay]
Join with out #OpGTMO operation

Call the White House: 202-456-1111, 202-456-1414

Call the U.S. Southern Command: 305-437-1213

Call the Department of Defense: 703-571-3343

Call your senators & representatives:

Sign the petition:

The Anonymous documentary We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

We are Anonymous
We are legion
you already know the next words

Here is The Anonymous Documentary We are Legion: The Tory of The Hacktivists
Make you own decision, join with us
Make change for the world
No more protection for block of you speech

#OpBahrain Information Center

It's too late to expect us. We declare the operation # OpBahrain Phase II will be making a more profound reality for the Bahrain government. Change to your administration procedures, then we can appreciate you.

This is WHY WE LAUNCH #OpBahrain

Anonymous Operation #OpEgypt

We want freedom of Egypt, #OpEgypt goes to the President of Egypt who fail to implement democracy in Egypt. Egypt became the country with the freedom and humanitarian problems worse.

Support us. 

Anonymous Operation for Germany Independence Day, 4. Juli 2013

Germany became the target of Anonymous. We are targeting the public liberty and the demands of a more health-established. See our official statement following.