Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anonymous Operation #OPPetrol update

Dear citizen around the world


We have launch #OPPetrol in the last of June and many oil and gas company has take the effect. Some world class company such as Total Oil, Saudi Aramco, BP, and many oil and gas company has been attack. We have save their password even when they update it. Beside that, we have also save credential log-in information into their server, personal bank account, and it mean when they update it, it's will not working. We still have a copy of this.

Here is some company has been attack regarding #OPPetrol:
  • Total Oil
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company
  • Various Petrol Companies
  • Saudi Arabian websites
We will always update of this #OPPetrol. Please always visit our website for get more information regarding this operation. 

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