Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cyber attack on the online payment site

Anonymous hackers was pleaded guilty to cyber attack on the online payment site, PayPal. This pledge pointed to eleven men and two women do attack on December 2010. It's start from Wikileaks rerelease a credential document due to cyber attack to PayPal.

This chase start from Wikileaks get banned from PayPal to receive money and donation. Wikileaks received a donation by using online payment like PayPal. Based on U.S regulation, all Wikileaks access to online payment site was blocked since 2009. The hackers launched Denial of Service to attack PayPal server. It's the first test and first attack, it's work. PayPal was increasing their firewall using cyber security defender.

Until today, no more reason and evidence to pledge they guilty. Some documents and also IP can not publish in court.

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