Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anonymous Operation #OpNewBlood

Anonymous Operation #OpNewBlood

Anonymous was launch their new operation regarding to save data and published rules also with network you can use. Anonymous Operation #OpNewBlood presented new website for who want to keep their news, want to help, and want to join with Anonymous to support freedom and free speech. Previously, we have publish our hack attack reports in pastehtml, now we move into our own server to make it easier to handled. Visit to support our operation.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cyber attack on the online payment site

Anonymous hackers was pleaded guilty to cyber attack on the online payment site, PayPal. This pledge pointed to eleven men and two women do attack on December 2010. It's start from Wikileaks rerelease a credential document due to cyber attack to PayPal.

This chase start from Wikileaks get banned from PayPal to receive money and donation. Wikileaks received a donation by using online payment like PayPal. Based on U.S regulation, all Wikileaks access to online payment site was blocked since 2009. The hackers launched Denial of Service to attack PayPal server. It's the first test and first attack, it's work. PayPal was increasing their firewall using cyber security defender.

Until today, no more reason and evidence to pledge they guilty. Some documents and also IP can not publish in court.

We need your support
We need your voice
We need your speak
We need your comment
Let's join with us to save them

Friday, August 23, 2013

Anonymous Operation Bahrain #opBahrain

We was publish a preview #OpBahrain in last post. Today i reminder you to join with us with #OpBahrain. No more security for citizen in Bahrain, and government still torture the citizen. We are react with this action. We will do more action to make government know what really the citizen need.

We have been attack and save more than 1 billion credential data with supporting more action to save it, update it.

Bahrain government have low computer security issue and thats why we launch #OpBahrain

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anonymous Operation NSA's first target

Dear Citizen of the world,

After longtime we have supported for Edward Snowden. We want him to save, to make change the world with his idea. But Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein was make a wrong choice. We want to fight. We want to attack.

We was receive more data, lot's of data was downloaded from private computer of Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein and we will publish it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anonymous Operation #OPPetrol update

Dear citizen around the world


We have launch #OPPetrol in the last of June and many oil and gas company has take the effect. Some world class company such as Total Oil, Saudi Aramco, BP, and many oil and gas company has been attack. We have save their password even when they update it. Beside that, we have also save credential log-in information into their server, personal bank account, and it mean when they update it, it's will not working. We still have a copy of this.

Here is some company has been attack regarding #OPPetrol:
  • Total Oil
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company
  • Various Petrol Companies
  • Saudi Arabian websites
We will always update of this #OPPetrol. Please always visit our website for get more information regarding this operation. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Official Press Release #OpGuzoo

We are Anonymous

Dear Canada citizen, 

Why you are hate animals, why you are not protected with animals. I know if your country did not have enough regulation for animals and that's why we are attacking. We officially launch #OpGuzoo for attack person, company, and government if they did not concern with animal health. We have attack many person by block his credit card, stolen their information, and make he or she or they can not have more access for some facility. 

We are hate the people who hate animals. 

We are human
We must love animals
We must care about animals
We must protect animals

Canadian citizen, we was warn you. We did not animals dead in your city. We just want you to protect animals not make him as your enemy.

Please take a look this picture, why you are doing this? For what? Are you a human?


Friday, June 21, 2013

#OpBrazil: Anonymous Operation Brazil

Dear Brazil citizen,

We are anonymous and we have initiate #OpBrazil for save Brazil. We have work hard and we will finish our work after make sure all internet connection are going live and secure in Brazil.

We are Anonymous
We are here together
Together we are strong

Anonymous message to the people of Brazil

Monday, June 17, 2013

Message Regarding Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, we are supported you here. Our team all around the world have initiate a new operation to save you, to

NSA is spying more than 25 different countries and no body know about this case. Edward Snowden have prove to world if he not lying and keep the world know who is the NSA and what are they do.

NSA, we are anonymous
Edward Snowden, big brother is watching you

Anonymous Operation Turkey #opTurkey #OccupyGezi

We have fight with Turkey Government and keep your eye with us.

We do not for give for Turkey Government and keep fight with let's many government server and make it can not use for long time. We have success attack the President website and also Turkeys Government website and keep some confidential data in our own server. 

We do not want to fight, but if Turkey Government can not protect their own citizen we will fight for them. It's all for Turkey citizen. 

Save Turkey

We reminder again for Turkey Government if we have launch operation: 
  • #opTurkey 
  • #OccupyGezi

Anonymous Operation Turkey a Success!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A message to Canadians

Hello Canada, 

The following program will inform Canadian Government various program has set in price. How does it built has build into government and citizen of Canada. As a state of new Democrat Party, they will publish a complicate pages that's not will work anymore. They should change it's 48 pages or Canadian Government must responsible with this action. 

Many country will take effect after Canadian Government publish their new regulation, immigration regulation take hard. 

Government will easily tracking you over all around the world if this regulation is set-up. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The NSA is Spying on Millions of Americans

the NSA is doing comprehensive, untargeted, near near family members tracking on a lot of Individuals in the united states. This visibility should end, once and for all, the national long-discredited secrecy claims about its dragnet near near family members tracking applications. It should motivate The legislature and the The the the united states individuals create the Us us chief executive lastly tell the truth about the national the next accessibility others who stay close by on simple Individuals in the united states.

In a evaluation by Glenn Greenwald, the records launched the deal from the Globally Intellect Monitoring Assess (or FISC) that guides Verizon to offer “on an continuous everyday basis” all get in touch with details for any get in touch with “wholly within the U. s. States, such as regional mobile mobile phone calls” and any get in touch with designed “between the U. s. States and offshore.”

In basically language: the deal offered the NSA a record of every Verizon customer's get in touch with record -- every get in touch with designed, the position of the mobile mobile mobile phone, enough duration of the get in touch with, the duration of the get in touch with, and other “identifying information” for the mobile mobile mobile phone and get in touch with -- from Apr 25, 2013 (the period of your power and effort the deal was issued) to This year 19, 2013.  The deal does not need material or the name of any prospective potential prospective prospective subscriber and is launched under 50 USC sec.1861, also known as position 215 of the Patriot Act.

There is no sign that ththe NSA is conducting widespread, untargeted, domestic surveillance on millions of Americans. This revelation should end, once and for all, the government's long-discredited secrecy claims about its dragnet domestic surveillance programs. It should spur Congress and the American people to make the President finally tell the truth about the government's spying on innocent Americans.

In a report by Glenn Greenwald, the paper published an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (or FISC) that directs Verizon to provide “on an ongoing daily basis” all call records for any call “wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls” and any call made “between the United States and abroad.”

In plain language: the order gave the NSA a record of every Verizon customer’s call history -- every call made, the location of the phone, the time of the call, the duration of the call, and other “identifying information” for the phone and call -- from April 25, 2013 (the date the order was issued) to July 19, 2013.  The order does not require content or the name of any subscriber and is issued under 50 USC sec.1861, also known as section 215 of the Patriot Act.

There is no indication that this order to Verizon was unique or novel. It is very likely that business records orders like this exist for every major American telecommunication company, meaning that, if you make calls in the United States, the NSA has those records. And this has been going on for at least 7 years, and probably longer.

This type of untargeted, wholly domestic surveillance is exactly what EFF, and others have been suing about for years. In 2006, USA Today published a story disclosing that the NSA had compiled a massive database of call records from American telecommunications companies. Our case, Jewel v. NSA, challenging the legality of the NSA’s domestic spying program, has been pending since 2008, but it's predecessor, Hepting v. AT&T filed in 2006, alleged the same surveillance. In 2011, on the 10th Anniversary of the Patriot Act, we filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Department of Justice for records about the government’s use of Section 215 – the legal authority the government was relying on to perform this type of untargeted surveillance.

But at each step of the way, the government has tried to hide the truth from the American public: in Hepting, behind telecom immunity; in Jewel, behind the state secrets privilege; in the FOIA case, by claiming the information is classified at the top secret level. In May 2011, Senator Ron Wyden, one of the few courageous voices fighting against the government’s domestic surveillance program, said this in a debate about reauthorizing Section 215:

I want to deliver a warning this afternoon: when the American people find out how their government has secretly interpreted the Patriot Act, they will be stunned and they will be angry.

Today is that day. The American people have confirmed how the government has secretly interpreted Section 215. And we’re angry. It’s time to stop hiding behind legal privileges and to come clean about Section 215 and FISA. It’s time to start the national dialogue about our rights in the digital age. And it’s time to end the NSA’s unconstitutional domestic surveillance buy to Verizon was exclusive or novel. It is very likely that company details purchases like this are available for every essential The the the united states telecommunications organization, importance that, if you get in touch with someone the U. s. States, the NSA has those details. And this has been going on for at least 7 decades, and probably time.

This type of untargeted, definitely near near family members tracking is exactly what EFF, and others have been suing about for many. In 2006, USA These days launched a story revealing that the NSA had gathered a huge online internet directories of get in touch with details from The the the united states telecommunications organizations. Our scenario, Useful stone v. NSA, complicated the balance of the NSA’s near near family members the next accessibility others who stay close by program, has been awaiting since 2008, but it's precursor, Hepting v. AT&T accepted in 2006, described the same tracking. This year, on the 10th Wedding of the Patriot Act, we accepted a FOIA evaluate activity against the Division of Privileges for details about the government’s use of Place 215 – the legal power the government was based on to perform this type of untargeted tracking.

But at each level of the way, the government has tried to protected up the truth from the The the the united states public: in Hepting, behind telecommunications immunity; in Useful stone, behind the scenario techniques privilege; in the FOIA scenario, by presenting details is categorized at the top key level. In May 2011, Senator Ron Wyden, one of the few courageous views battling against the government’s near near family members tracking program, said this in a conversation about reauthorizing Place 215:

I want to offer a warning this afternoon: when the The the the united states people out how their government has independently regarded the Patriot Act, they will be surprised and they will be disappointed.

Today is that day. The The the the united states plenty of plenty of lots of many people have confirmed how the government has independently regarded Place 215. And we’re disappointed. It’s a possibility to quit protecting behind rights and to come fresh about Place 215 and FISA. It’s a possibility to begin the national conversation about our rights in the electronic age. And it’s a possibility to end the NSA’s unconstitutional near near family members tracking program.

Hackers of the China Blue Army

Chinese suppliers providers suppliers providers Red Military and Group Hp-Hack are regarded to be linked with a nuller or nuller team that's known for bogus online on the worldwide web online on the world wide web online online hackers.

Security professional Janne Ahlberg has released an exciting writing on the subject and Online War Information is continually tracking their action in an try to confirm they're bogus.

2 moms banned from Florida school

Two moms have been prohibited from a California primary university after obviously getting into a battle at the top aspect aspect of kids at an outstanding capabilities display.

St. Considering cops tell that Latisha Bob and Jessica Tyler were getting aspect their kid's capabilities display at Lakeview Main School when Tyler requested for for for for for for for Bob, who was documenting, to sit down because she was preventing her perspective.

Police said the women were eye-catching and that one of the women blocked the other before another effectively efficiently effectively successfully effectively effectively effectively properly secured intervened to crack up the battle, according to the assessment.

According to a documenting of the 911 contact acquired by the place, Tyler described she was assaulted after unintentionally improving into James' kid. James, who was taken on query of battery power system energy system program energy system program energy system program energy system energy system, recommended she was place up to take images of her little woman on level.

"I didn't go to the university with the objective of dangerous the display or placing my arms on anybody," Bob recommended the place. "I don't act like that. I cannot say how much, how disturbing I am. I am definitely disturbing. I've never been to prison before."

Tyler was not taken after cops described with witnesses. She recommended the place she seems she was the sufferer and is disappointed that she won't be able to be current at her little women fifth-grade completing wedding.

FBI, Microsoft and Financial Companies Disrupt over 1,400 Citadel Botnets

US law enforcement has completed up with up with the individual market in an try to impact the functions of 1,462 botnets handled by Citadel, the well known malware designed to get information that fraudsters can use to illicitly accessibility cost-effective information.

The Govt Organization of Analysis, Microsof company, the Cost-effective Solutions – Details Developing recommendations to and Analysis Middle (FS-ISAC), NACHA – The Electronic Expenses Organization, the The the the the united states Creditors Organization (ABA), Agari, A10 Methods and Nominum have taken aspect in the operate.

According to Microsof company, the Citadel malware has been used to get over $500,000 (€381,000) from individuals and companies globally.

To impact the botnets, Microsof company cut off the e-mails between the botnets and the zombie pcs they handled. Devices was taken, such as pc web web web web web web web web web web servers from two US-based information web wide range functions.

“Today’s actions represent the long run of working with the important risks provided to our individuals, companies, and ip by on the internet risks and dangerous program, which are often permitted by bogus and copy program,” described FBI Expert Online House Wealthy McFeely.

“Creating efficient public-private relationships—in which resources, information, and intelligence are shared—is the biggest key to achievements in working with on the internet risks and is among the biggest main problems of the FBI,” McFeely engaged.

“We must make sure that, as web marketing strategy is designed, the capability of the individual market to arrange instantly with the FBI is inspired so that a multi-prong attack on our on the internet competitors can be as efficient as possible.”

The FBI has been working with globally law enforcement companies to impact the botnet functions situated outside the US.

The takedown of the 1,400 botnets doesn't mean that all Citadel botnets have been eliminated, but their functions have been seriously disrupted.

“Crimes used to occur through stickups, but nowadays fraudsters use bunny rabbit bunny pc bunny rabbit bunny rabbit bunny rabbit mouse mouse clicks,” said Greg Garcia, a consultant and former Department of Nation Security on the internet official.

“This activity is designed to quit the ongoing harm of these Citadel botnets against individuals and companies globally, and you can relax assured that we will keep go with the group and personal locations to help cost-effective companies successfully efficiently successfully effectively successfully properly properly secured our clients from risks like this.”

A woman in IT security?

Women are shunning online protection software system program even more than they avoid the rest of IT, according to a analysis.

Of the 2,500 individuals who took online protection software system program coaching at QA this season, just 6.2 % were females.

The broad variety of women choosing to take up protection programs also reduced overall by 19.5 % between 2011 and 2012, while the broad variety of men on the programs more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than doubled, enhancing by 118 % in the same period. The coaching company places mistake on the deficiency of on sexism as well as junk coaching in school targeted on educating main workplace abilities rather than hard technological innovation.

Women are usually unusual in the IT and telecommunications market, making up just 18 % of the complete employees, but this indicates they're even more unusual in protection.

Bill Professional, QA particular home and cybersecurity wonk, said:

“It’s uncertain why females are so under-represented in such an important and fast-growing factor of The u. s. kingdoms's IT economy. Various ideas are several – from sex stereotyping to educating the wrong type of technological innovation.

“Despite the large development of men taking online protection software system program coaching over the last season, England is still dropping brief of the broad variety of individuals required ... It needs to be easier, more cost-effective and more eye-catching to females, to be able for them to get into this important area of the IT economy.”

A Nationwide Assessment Office evaluation in Feb described that online evaluate activity costs the UK between £18 billion dollars cash money cash money cash money and £27 billion dollars cash money cash money cash money a season. It also recommended there is a serious deficiency of cost-effective employees who can level it to help stop online strikes and recommended this abilities gap was so serious it could take 20 decades to closed.

In 2011, the Nationwide Online Security Program assured to get £650m over five decades to coast up the UK's cyber-security defences after displaying that online strikes offered a risk to England as serious as terrorism.

The QA numbers were launched following an summary from the Women Business Authorities which was adament that "women should not just try to fit into the economy, they should be creating it".

The evaluation discovered that 2.4 thousand women who are currently out of perform would like to find a job, while a further 1.3 thousand females want more time at their existing factor. It also described that getting more females involved in perform could enhance cost-effective development by 0.5 % a season, leading to a GDP enhance of about 10 % by 2030

SOCA on global online credit card data ring

Law enforcement companies in the UK, US and have disbanded a group that obviously promoted online history of credit score status position credit cards details since 2007.

The group, which promoted the money position credit cards details through two websites, is said to have caused over $200 million (£129million) in fake expenses on credit cards released in the US and Europe.

Charges have been brought in a government evaluate in New Clothing against Duy Hai Truong, 23, of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Truong, who was taken on May 29 in Vietnam, is described to be one of the group management. Regulators in the UK have taken three men in London, while another eight people such as Truong were taken in Vietnam.

The benefits activity, based in Vietnam, obtained individual determining details provided to providers who promoted products or services online and received online history of credit score status position credit cards payments, according to a announcement Wed by the office of the US attorney for the area of New Clothing.

The details on over 1.1 million credit cards was obtained through hacking and coughing of commercial companies, the UK's Serious OrganiSed Lawsuit Organization said. The people charged are described to have obtained illicitly a variety of private details, such as purchasers' names, details, history of credit score status position credit cards details, and Social Security numbers, such as from sufferers in New Clothing, according to US authorities.

People wanting to purchase victims' history of credit score status position credit cards details either utilized the fraudsters websites - and - or sent the online online online hackers an email, asking details, according to the problem of the US Federal Institution of Investigation in US Area Court for Area of New Clothing.

Data was promoted by the "dump" which included details on a single, recognizable victim, according to the FBI. The fee different from about $1 to $300 per get rid of of, in accordance with the people country of resource and details sought, according to the problem.

If charged, Truong, who is charged with benefits activity to commit bank fraudsters, activities a maximum of 30 years in jail and a fine of at least $1 million.

Enforcement companies in the US and other nations have been breaking down on online criminal activity recently. Last month, the US Department of Privileges said it indicted online payment processer Independence Source for obviously cleaning $6 billion money dollars in a series of global transactions. The company said the indictment could be the biggest international money cleaning rights in history.

Hackers Have Breached Turkish Parliament for OpTurkey

The online on the world wide web online on the world wide web online online hackers launched a details containing the get in touch with details, headings and security protection security protection security security passwords of around 45 people.

However, the circulation is suspicious. None of the get in touch with details from the record appear to are element of Turkish people.

In inclusion, they do not look like official government get in touch with details. Take for example the e-mail of one Rob Martinson, which is “”

Several nuller collectives are being affected by OpTurkey. One of them is the Syrian Electronic Army, whose affiliates say that although they have no connection to Personal, they support the Turkish people.

The Syrian Electronic Army has targeted the methods of the Main Reverend and the ones of the Online of scenario for Inner.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Operation Egypt - #OpEgypt reengaged


Operation #OpEgypt Details:

A Coordinated Distributed Denial of Service attack - DDoS -
(Or Deface If and only IF possible for #OpEgypt)


Attack will take place on:
November 30th 2012

United States
1:00PM Eastern Standard Time
12:00PM Central Standard Time
11:00AM Mountain Standard Time
10:00AM Pacific Standard Time

6:00PM Greenwich Mean Time
7:00PM Paris Local Time
8:00PM Cairo Local Time
9:00PM Arabia Standard Time

November 12th 2011
2:00AM China/Australia Local Time
3:00AM Japanese Local Time

IP Address for IKHWANONLINE.COM: (OLD) LuuuuuLz

#OpPetrol Initiating on 20th June 2013

We have launch many operation, today we announce you if we will launch our news  #OpPetrol. This operation will include, US, Canada, China, England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, you should aware for every US dollar you are get from oil.


We are Anonymous, Beware!

We have lot's of support from YouTube, Twitter, and other social engine. We are back, we never surrender. We have lot's of wars for attack government, company, or other personal who are block some public issue and we did not allow them to do that. 

Wake Up America

Saturday, June 1, 2013


If you want to support with to make #OpTurkey become success please join with us by click the link below. You will have full access to make become down. Make the server down.

Join us with DDoS

Friday, May 31, 2013

Anonymous Operation #OpTurkey

Hello Turkey,

We are anonymous

After longtime, we respected you for your democracy but you has been block internet access and freedom for your resident. We not allow you to do this action in future. We have give access, internet access for Turkey resident.

We are still fighting with Turkey government

For Turkey residents, here is more information you need to get internet access:

+46850009990 or +492317299993 or +4953160941030
User:telecomix Password:telecomix

User:toto Password:toto

#OpRedemption - The Failure of the American Prison System is a Failure of Justice


United States of America, we are Anonymous
We are warning you for some for violence, poor and failure of justice in you American Prison System
We are looking for justice
We are coming in peace but we will attack you if do not have revolution of your prison system

American Prison System have leak, poor, and lot's of failure. We was call to mind and do some activity to make this system have good word in one sentence, but you all see know it a failure of American Prison System.

We launched #OpRedemption
To better of American Prison System

Anonymous - #OpGTMO [Guantanamo Bay]

Obama has lie to us
United States did not have any reason to keep Guantanamo Bay still in operation
Obama was says he well close Guantanamo Bay, but why he lies to us?

We, Anonymous launch #OpGTMO [Guantanamo Bay]
Join with out #OpGTMO operation

Call the White House: 202-456-1111, 202-456-1414

Call the U.S. Southern Command: 305-437-1213

Call the Department of Defense: 703-571-3343

Call your senators & representatives:

Sign the petition:

The Anonymous documentary We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

We are Anonymous
We are legion
you already know the next words

Here is The Anonymous Documentary We are Legion: The Tory of The Hacktivists
Make you own decision, join with us
Make change for the world
No more protection for block of you speech

#OpBahrain Information Center

It's too late to expect us. We declare the operation # OpBahrain Phase II will be making a more profound reality for the Bahrain government. Change to your administration procedures, then we can appreciate you.

This is WHY WE LAUNCH #OpBahrain

Anonymous Operation #OpEgypt

We want freedom of Egypt, #OpEgypt goes to the President of Egypt who fail to implement democracy in Egypt. Egypt became the country with the freedom and humanitarian problems worse.

Support us. 

Anonymous Operation for Germany Independence Day, 4. Juli 2013

Germany became the target of Anonymous. We are targeting the public liberty and the demands of a more health-established. See our official statement following.