Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hackers Have Breached Turkish Parliament for OpTurkey

The online on the world wide web online on the world wide web online online hackers launched a details containing the get in touch with details, headings and security protection security protection security security passwords of around 45 people.

However, the circulation is suspicious. None of the get in touch with details from the record appear to are element of Turkish people.

In inclusion, they do not look like official government get in touch with details. Take for example the e-mail of one Rob Martinson, which is “”

Several nuller collectives are being affected by OpTurkey. One of them is the Syrian Electronic Army, whose affiliates say that although they have no connection to Personal, they support the Turkish people.

The Syrian Electronic Army has targeted the methods of the Main Reverend and the ones of the Online of scenario for Inner.

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