Thursday, July 11, 2013

Official Press Release #OpGuzoo

We are Anonymous

Dear Canada citizen, 

Why you are hate animals, why you are not protected with animals. I know if your country did not have enough regulation for animals and that's why we are attacking. We officially launch #OpGuzoo for attack person, company, and government if they did not concern with animal health. We have attack many person by block his credit card, stolen their information, and make he or she or they can not have more access for some facility. 

We are hate the people who hate animals. 

We are human
We must love animals
We must care about animals
We must protect animals

Canadian citizen, we was warn you. We did not animals dead in your city. We just want you to protect animals not make him as your enemy.

Please take a look this picture, why you are doing this? For what? Are you a human?


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